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Queensland police are questioning two adolescents after a man in Brisbane was stabbed and left to die on the side of a busy road.
On Newmarket Road in Wilston, the 43-year-old man was discovered by a member of the public at around 1:30 this morning.
Despite the fact that ambulances arrived quickly, the man was pronounced dead ten minutes later.
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When Queensland police arrived on Newmarket Road, they discovered a man’s body who had been fatally stabbed.
When Queensland police arrived on Newmarket Road, they discovered a man’s body who had been fatally stabbed. (9News)
Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham declared, “This is in fact a tragic situation.”

han one mile from his house.
The man, who was a bachelor and lived alone, may have been in a fight before he passed away.

When he was attacked, he appeared to be returning home on foot.
Police are currently detaining and questioning two minors, a 17-year-old male and 17-year-old female, as part of the murder investigation.
About an hour before the victim was discovered on the sidewalk, police on patrol allegedly noticed the 17-year-old man sprinting down Newmarket Road.
The gruesome crime scene is cleaned up by emergency personnel.

According to Massingham, the teenager was found to be in possession of a huge knife after being searched.
Shortly after, a 17-year-old lady went to the police and introduced herself as the teen’s partner, according to Massingham.

According to reports, the woman became combative and hit the officers.
The guy for having a firearm in a public place and the lady for assaulting police both received orders to appear in court.
Regarding the murder, no accusations have been made.
Police are requesting that anyone with information, dash cam or CCTV footage contact them.
According to Massingham, the murder might be solved using the dashcam evidence.
Even though it was after midnight, there was still a lot of traffic, according to Massingham.
“There were many activities going on last night in Brisbane, so there were a lot more people there than usual.
Inspector of Police Andrew Massingham.

“We make a request of them. We would much appreciate the help of any driver along Newmarket Road between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. who might have dashcam footage or any other visual they can offer to the police ” Our preliminary findings show that the deceased had a conflict with someone before he passed away.
It’s crucial that we identify such people, and we think that the solution lies in the passing traffic.
A man and woman were discovered nearby, and according to the police, they are helping with their investigations.
There is now a clear crime scene.
Anyone from the Wilston neighborhood who has information, dash cam or CCTV evidence is asked to contact police, according to investigators. more here

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