USA, California. The Mosquito fire was still not extinguished


In northern California, a giant fire is being fought. The fire has already consumed over 18,000 hectares and has been contained only in 10 percent. Firefighters fear that even cooling the weather will not help to extinguish the elements.

Transition storm tropical Kay has brought some of California a long-awaited cooling. In the south, near Los Angeles, it was raining which helped contain a large Fairview fire. Still in the north of the state fighting fire is still a breakneck task – The Mosquito fire east of Sacramento is still largely under control.

The Mosquito fire continued to grow, according to the California Fire Department on Sunday night. Since the outbreak at the beginning of last week, the fire has consumed approximately 18,900 hectares of land. His level of composure was estimated at 10 percent. Flames threaten approximately 5,800 buildings, and so far more than 11,000 local residents have to be evacuated.

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At present, the fire is extinguished by over 2,300 firefighters accompanied by helicopters. The extremely dry litter and trees make it difficult to fight the flames. Emergency services extinguish critical hot spots and prevent the spread of flames by removing dry vegetation.

The Mosquito fire continues to rageReuters / Metro Fire of California

The Mosquito fire continues to rageReuters / Metro Fire of California

Californian firefighters hope that the expected cooling in the state this week from Kay’s tropical storm will help to contain the fire, at least in part. The cooler weather conditions and rain made it possible to contain the spread of the Fairview fire in southern California – now firefighters have almost half the fire under it.

However, there are concerns that the strong winds brought in by a tropical storm could be used to re-ignite the fire in both Fairview and the north of the state. The services also warned that heavy rains increased the possibility of floods and mud landslides.

The Mosquito fire continues to rageReuters / Metro Fire of California

Main photo source: Reuters / Metro Fire of California


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