“This is a movement for winners!”


One of Donald Trumps most vocal supporters, Representative Matt Gaetz (Republican – Florida) who is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for alleged sex trafficking said in one of his most recent events while campaigning for the House of Representatives primaries: “This is a movement for winners!” Florida voters will take to the voting booths on Tuesday and vote for the nominees running for Congress. Gaetz’s biggest threats are his two Republican primary challengers: Mark Lombardo and Greg Merk, with Lombardo launching a series of ads attacking Gaetz for his sex trafficking scandal.

Rep. MG: “Our movement will be ascended, we will be worthy of the Victory and we will win for our people again. This movement is for winners. You are all winners. This is the winning campaign. Make sure to get everybody out to vote on Tuesday, tomorrow, August 23rd. We got a country to save, let’s go get them.”


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