There are now three disturbances in the Atlantic. What the forecast shows


Forecasters are now watching three disturbances in the Atlantic, including one that is nearing the Caribbean Sea and another that is said to have no chance of formation in the next two to five days.

One of the disturbances was producing “disturbed weather” several hundred miles east-southweast of the Windward Islands, as of the National Hurricane Center’s advisory at 2 p.m. Tuesday. Forecasters said conditions could become “more conducive for development” in the next few days as the disorganized system approaches the Windward Islands or the southeastern Caribbean Sea.

Forecasters are also watching a tropical wave that is expected to move off the west coast of Africa in a couple of days. The hurricane center said it could see some “slow development” later this week or over the weekend as it quickly moves west over the Atlantic.

Both systems have a 0% chance of formation in the next 48 hours and a low 20% chance of formation through the next five days, according to the hurricane center.

The hurricane center also noted in its 2 p.m. outlook that it’s monitoring a disturbance several hundred miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands, although it doesn’t expect the system will see any development in the next few days as it quickly moves west-northwest across the Atlantic.

The system has a 0% chance of formation in the next two to five days.

NOAA’s revised prediction says there could be 11 to 17 named storms before the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season ends on Nov. 30. The next storm name on the list is Danielle.


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