The war in Ukraine. Russia buys ammunition from North Korea, the Pentagon said


The US has information that Russia is buying artillery ammunition from North Korea, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder confirmed. As he said, this is a sign of the logistical troubles of the Russians in connection with the sanctions imposed on Moscow.

First, such information was provided by the American newspaper “New York Times”. Spokesman Pentagon General Patrick Ryder later confirmed that USA have information that Russia tries to purchase artillery ammunition from North Korea. As he added, this is a sign of the logistical troubles of the Russians during the war with Ukraine. “We have indications that Russia has asked North Korea for ammunition,” Ryder said at a press conference. “Things aren’t going too well for them at the front,” he added.

Used ammunition by Russians in UkraineUkrinform / East News

As the New York Times assessed, broad economic sanctions have not paralyzed Russia, at least so far. “Energy prices, fueled by the invasion, filled its treasury and allowed Moscow to suppress the effects of cutting off its banks from international funding and restricting exports and imports. Sanctions against individual Russian oligarchs have also failed to undercut the president’s power Vladimir Putin“- wrote the journal.

However, US officials said that as far as Russia’s ability to rebuild the army was concerned, economic actions by Europe and the United States were effective. American and European sanctions have blocked Russia from purchasing weapons or electronics for their production.

Russian missile systems are firing at an undisclosed location in Ukraine PAP / EPA / RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY PRESS SERVICE HANDOUT

Moscow hoped that China would be willing to ignore these export controls and continue to supply the Russian army. But in recent days, US officials have stated that while China is willing to buy Russian oil at a discount, Beijing has, at least so far, complied with export controls for the Moscow military and is not trying to sell either military equipment or components.

Iranian Shahed-129 droneMorteza Nikoubazl / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Ukraine has recently launched a counter-offensive in several locations, including the vicinity of Kherson, which Russia has occupied since the invasion began. In preparation for these attacks, Ukrainian forces struck Russian supply areas, including those containing artillery and ammunition.

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Main photo source: TASS / Forum


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