Protest in Dorohusk. A blockade is also planned in Hrebenne and Korczowa


The protest at the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing point in Dorohusk will continue, said Łukasz Białasz, the chairman of the Zamość Protest Committee of Carriers. The reason is, among others the lengthening line of trucks on the Ukrainian side of the border. A blockade is also planned at the crossings in Hrebenne and Korczowa.

Łukasz Białasz said that 50, 60 people take part in the blockade, who every hour, exactly in the 33rd minute, let one truck entering Poland and one leaving Ukraine.

Truck drivers are under attack

As the reason for the protest, Białasz indicated, inter alia, the elimination of a separate road lane on the Ukrainian side, through which truck drivers returning “empty” to Poland after unloading their goods in Ukraine could cross the border faster. He informed that the line of cars on the Ukrainian side, where drivers spend even several days, reaches about 60 km.

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– Drivers who are trying to drive “empty” lane are attacked, windows are broken in cars – he said. Therefore, the protesting drivers postulate, inter alia, restoring the lane for “empty” returnees and introducing a 24-hour phytosanitary and veterinary clearance. They hung the demands on one of the tractor units, which blocked the passage. Next to it there is a fireplace and a grill where they prepare their meals.

Carriers protest in DorohuskInternet user

Jan Buczek, the president of the Association of International Road Transporters in Poland, who was present among the protesters, said that at the moment only cisterns are going to get fuel in the lane used to return empty trucks. According to Buczek, Polish drivers go to Ukraine with humanitarian aid and want to return to Poland as soon as possible.

– It turns out that it is impossible today, because they have to stand in the queue waiting for check-in for several to several days – he said, adding that due to the situation at border crossings, Polish drivers more and more often refuse to go to Ukraine. “We expect our drivers to be treated with dignity, no matter what passport or nationality they have.”

The drivers participating in the protest pointed out the poor conditions on the Ukrainian side: problems with access to sanitary facilities, water, food and attacks on Polish drivers.

The protest will last several days

Commissioner Ewa Czyż from the City Police Headquarters in Chełm emphasized that the policemen were on the spot around the clock, ensuring public safety and order.

– We reckon the protest may last a few more days, even until Thursday. Initially, the protesters said that the action would last 24 hours, but today’s information shows that they will be here for a few days – she said.

The waiting time is 18 hours

A spokesman for the Chamber of Tax Administration in Lublin, Michał Deruś, informed that trucks entering Poland, after the end of the check-in, stop at the parking lot at the border crossing and wait for the protesters to unblock the road. On the other hand, it is empty when leaving for Ukraine. As he reported, on Tuesday there were 2.6 thousand vehicles in the line of trucks on the Ukrainian side, which means 105 hours of waiting. On the other hand, there were about 400 trucks at the exit from Poland, and the waiting time was 18 hours. Carriers’ protest before the border crossing in Dorohusk lasts from 10 on Monday, when more than 20 tractor units without semi-trailers arrived and blocked the road in both directions.

Elimination of the bottleneck at the transition

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a press conference on Monday, he said that the problems were related to both actions on the Ukrainian side and some imperfections on the Polish side. – I was in contact with the Prime Minister of Ukraine on this matter. On Friday, I will talk about it during the next meetings with the Ukrainian side – emphasized Morawiecki. “We will try to analyze point by point with Prime Minister Szmyhal so that these lines will be significantly shortened.” He added that on Monday he was also in contact with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Henryk Kowalczyk, whom he asked to strengthen the veterinary services on the Polish side in order to eliminate this bottleneck as soon as possible. A spokesman for the Tax Administration Chamber in Lublin, Michał Deruś, explained that the queues of trucks on the Ukrainian side result from a large increase in the transport of goods, mainly cereal or food products, which are subject to mandatory inspection, among others. by services: veterinary, sanitary, phytosanitary. His information shows that National Tax Administration undertakes a number of measures to improve border control in order to limit the blocking of heavy goods traffic by vehicles waiting for inspection checks

Main photo source: Krzysztof Radzki / EastNews


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