Julie Chin, Oklahoma news anchor, suffers stroke on live TV


An Oklahoma news anchor suffered “the beginnings of a stroke” as she was appearing on a live broadcast on Saturday.

Julie Chin of KJHR News in Tulsa was attempting to report a news story about NASA’s aborted Artemis-I launch when she fumbled over her words a few times before ultimately sending it to the weather report.

That’s when her co-workers noticed something was up and called 911 to report a possible medical emergency.

“The past few days are still a little bit of a mystery, but my doctors believe I had the beginnings of a stroke live on the air Saturday morning. Some of you witnessed it firsthand, and I’m so sorry that happened,” Ms. Chin wrote in a Sunday Facebook post.

She said in the post that the symptoms blindsided her, though they escalated quickly once they started popping up. 

Ms. Chin first lost partial vision in one of her eyes. Next, her hand and arm went numb. Soon after, the difficulty speaking became visible on-air.

The news anchor said that all her tests at the hospital came back positive and that she should be fine moving forward.


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