Ex-Marine Accused of Livestreaming Double Murder Gives Wild Jailhouse Interview


Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Facebook

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Facebook

A former Marine admitted in a wild jailhouse interview Thursday that he “emptied the clip” when he drunkenly gunned down his dad and stepmom in their bedroom last week.

Irvin Hernandez Flores, 23, is accused of breaking into his dad’s San Francisco home last weekend and fatally shooting 47-year-old Jose Hernandez and his wife, 41-year-old Yesenia Soto, in their bedroom.

The slain couple’s 11-year-old daughter witnessed the carnage and Flores live-streamed the slayings to Facebook, prosecutors told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“In this video, the defendant appears proud and happy with himself, all while you can clearly see his father laying in a pool of blood, and his step-mother slowly dying from her multiple gunshot wounds,” said Randy Quezada, a spokesperson for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Quezada said the slaying was “clearly premeditated.” Flores disputes this, however.

Speaking with KTVU 2 from jail, he admitted to the shooting but claimed he opened fire in a drunken rage because he was mad at his father over allegations he sexually abused a relative.

“All my life I wanted to do good for my family, but my father—he killed my dreams,” Flores said.

Flores said he went to his father’s room after a night of heavy drinking—armed, but not with the intention of using his handgun. He claimed that Hernandez charged at him and so he opened fire in the dark. He said he flipped on the lights and saw his dad injured on the floor, so he shot him again.

“Once I emptied the clip I turned on the lights and I see him on the floor,” Flores said. “I see his suffering and then I stopped his suffering.”

As for Soto, Flores said his step-mom was just caught “in the crossfire” when he started shooting.

“I didn’t have any intentions to deal with her,” he said.

Flores admitted to firing 20 rounds as his half-sister watched. The 11-year-old called 911 with Hernandez Flores’ help, he said.

“She wasn’t crying,“ Flores said. “She was shocked. She needed my help to get in contact with emergency.”

Flores said he was a Marine for four-and-a-half years before being honorably discharged. The Marine Corps did not immediately respond to a request confirming Flores’ service.

He also, incredulously, claimed he was in the process of joining the San Francisco Police Department. His dream was to be a sniper for the SWAT team, he said. A LinkedIn profile under the same name as Flores’ said he was studying criminal justice at the City College of San Francisco.

“I gained many skills such as surveillance, marksmanship, radio communication, 180 hours of an EMT program casualty care and being able to work as a team,” the bio said, referencing his time as a Marine. “I’m currently looking for a job in Security while going to college for Criminal Justice.”

Flores was being held without bail at the San Francisco County Jail on Friday. He said he planned to plead not guilty to premeditated murder.

“I want to apologize,” Flores said. “I didn’t entirely want to do this. Our heavenly father knows I didn’t do this with the intent to kill my father—especially my sister’s mom who had nothing to do with this.”

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