E-registration, registration to specialists via the Internet. Adam Niedzielski: We will work on it


Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced that his ministry “will soon be working” on introducing universal e-registration. – After issuing the e-referral, it will be possible to make an electronic appointment with each specialist, just as it was possible to arrange vaccinations – explained the minister.

On Tuesday, Niedzielski took part in the e-health panel organized by the Healthcare Forum as part of the Economic Forum in Karpacz.

When asked about the possibility of using e-registers and e-services in the Polish health care system, Niedzielski indicated that the tightness of the system can be checked for various types of irregularities, including fraud. – We checked, for example at pharmacies, whether there were entities with some exorbitant reimbursements compared to others, we made benchmarks at the level of sales of individual drugs, especially in those categories that are at risk of being traded or exported abroad – said Niedzielski.

Adam Niedzielski at the Economic Forum in KarpaczPAP / Tomasz Wiktor

– Then we started doing the same in services and at some point we came to the point where the algorithms began to do it themselves: the analytical team developed such algorithms that – from time to time they were run – they themselves checked whether there were areas that needed to be controlled – explained the minister .

– Then we went on to say that this is data that needs to be used for patients. For example, in the field of stroke, we found certain patterns – medication, management, visit sequence – that ended in a stroke. We extrapolated this pattern to the population, identifying people who are at risk because they are on the patient’s path leading to a stroke, ‘he said.

Niedzielski stated that the e-service system must also be “even more patient-friendly”. – In the near future, we will be working on introducing universal e-registration. Universal e-registration will consist not only in issuing an e-referral, because it is only an element in the first phase, but it will also be possible to make an electronic appointment with each specialist, as it was possible to arrange vaccinations – announced Niedzielski.

Main photo source: PAP / Tomasz Wiktor


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