Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

HOUSTON — At 12:30 pm, the tornado warning that was issued for a portion of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller counties was permitted to expire.

At noon, the tornado warning that had been issued for portions of Harris and Montgomery counties expired. This occurred close to Cypress.

At midday, a tornado warning that had been issued for a portion of Colorado, Austin, and Waller counties expired.

At 11:30 a.m., the tornado warning that had been issued for the counties of Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, and Austin expired.

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A tornado warning is what?

The meteorologists at the neighborhood NOAA Office, who keep an eye on the weather, issue a tornado warning. According to NOAA, they issue a warning when a tornado has been sighted by spotters or detected by radar and poses a significant risk to people and property nearby. When a tornado warning is issued, you should move quickly to locate a secure place to hide.

A tornado watch is what?

According to NOAA, tornadoes are likely to occur within and close to the watch area during a tornado warning. It is therefore a good idea to examine your emergency plans at this time. In the event of a tornado warning or if you observe one approaching, you should take immediate action.

How to react in a tornado

Immediately go to a secure room or an internal area away from windows that could get blown out if you are at home.

Follow your tornado drill instructions and get to your shelter area if you are at work or school. Stay away from windows once more. Additionally, NOAA cautions avoiding entering big, open spaces like a cafeteria or gym.

If you are outside, find safety within a strong structure. Avoid storage buildings and sheds, according to NOAA.

It is advisable that you travel to a strong shelter if you are in a car. If you can’t reach a shelter, get in your car or leave it and get to a low-lying spot, like as a ditch.

What tornado warning indicators are there?

It’s critical to know what to watch for since some tornadoes develop with no prior notice. These are the warning indicators to look out for, according to NOAA:

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The cloud base is rotating vigorously and consistently.

Tornadoes may lack a funnel and instead spin up dust or other debris on the ground under a cloud base.

Hail or heavy rain, then either complete stillness or a swift, strong wind change. Since they are covered in thick precipitation, many tornadoes are invisible.
Day or night: a loud, persistent roar or rumbling that doesn’t quickly go away like thunder.
Near a thunderstorm, there have been small, dazzling, blue-green to white flashes during the night (as opposed to silvery lightning up in the clouds). Extremely powerful wind, maybe a tornado, is snagging these dangerous electrical wires.
Night: A steady descent from the cloud base that is lighted or silhouetted by lightning, especially if there is a blue-green-white power flash or it is visually in ground contact.

Why are there no tornado sirens in Harris County?

According to NOAA, Harris County is the second most tornado-prone county in the nation. Why then do we lack tornado sirens?

Wireless warnings transmitted to cellphones, according to emergency management, are a better approach to notify people to all types of threats, including the kind of tornadoes that frequently strike Harris County.

In Harris County, tornadoes often generate less damage, less destruction, and less injury. Local tornadoes typically don’t last as long on the ground as tornadoes in Dallas or Oklahoma.

Communities close to chemical factories can also utilize sirens to alert residents to a Hazmat crisis. Emergency management claim that if tornado sirens were introduced, people could not know which hazard was there.

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